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“You have not answered my question”, Relocation Project Head told.

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Our previous post gave EDDC Deputy Chief Executive,Richard Cohen’s reply to questions from SOS Chair, Richard Thurlow. Mr Thurlow was not satisfied. His e-mail back to Mr Cohen the same day (07/01/2015) is copied below:

Dear Mr Cohen,

Thank you for your prompt reply.., although you continue to fudge your answer.

You have not answered my question about whether the increases that you have used are “official” AeCOM figures that are used by that consultancy e.g. nationwide.

You have not answered my questions about the basis for the energy costs increases that you have used. (see my FOI).

This is a critical issue, and one to which that the public needs to have a definitive answer. As I am sure you are aware, your “cost neutral” obligations for the relocation cannot be met on the official DECC projections.

Please also let me know what competitive tender Heynes Planning won that is justifying their additional fees.

I should be grateful if you will provide a definitive answer.


Richard Thurlow

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