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SOS challenge to Energy and Consultancy figures…relocation project leader’s reply.

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The Chair of SOS has received this e-mail dated 7th Jan 2015:

Mr Thurlow

You have lately written to us on a number of occasions and matters. As well as your queries regarding energy cost calculations you have asked several questions regarding use of consultancy which Kate Symington has passed to me to consider.

My responses are as follows:

Energy cost projections

The projected future increase in energy costs is a conservative reflection of the past decade of actual energy cost increases. Were we to project future energy costs at the exact same rate as the past 10 years experience then the cost saving argument for relocation would be even more compelling. The Council’s relocation will allow it to reduce its energy bills and its energy consumption significantly.


You are also interested in our use of Heynes Planning to provide planning advice. Their work is ongoing and, when it is completed, the contract will remain confidential not least because knowledge of the content could be unfairly advantageous to competitors in any future bidding the company may wish to undertake. We will review the continued confidentiality at a future date.

The threshold for single tender action is £5,000. With regard to total monies paid to Heynes Planning, the company is providing unrelated services elsewhere in the district for EDDC having been commissioned as part of a competitive tendering process for a sum greater than the threshold.

Lastly, ‘prompt’ in the context that Kate has used it means done in a timely manner rather than late. I hope that clears up your concern.


Richard Cohen
Deputy Chief Executive
East Devon District Council
EX10 8HL

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