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Revised Knowle plans in progress?

A photographer working in the Knowle gardens this morning was apparently taking pictures to “clarify some view points regarding the development”.

The Pegasus Life planning application was refused (Dec 2016) not just on grounds of overdevelopment and overlooking, but on multiple counts of non-compliance with EDDC’s Local Plan and planning policies.

Notwithstanding, Cabinet ploughs on with its circuitous ‘ambition’ to relocate. See


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EDDC relocation update . Latest resolve to proceed with move to Honiton, based on increasingly shaky ground.

EDDC last night agreed on a ‘spend now, pay later’ plan, by rubber-stamping a move to Honiton, despite having no sale in place for Knowle.

More info and relevant issues noted here :


More ineptitude by EDDC Cabinet as the relocation project limps on?

Will Paul Diviani’s Cabinet* be shown to have chosen the worst option for taxpayers last night?  Their recommendation to Full Council is to move to Honiton, despite having no Knowle sale agreed and with no guarantee of what price the current site will eventually fetch. This situation, and the obligation to now take out a loan, smacks of continued clumsy handling of the ‘ambition’ to relocate. Whether or not Pegasus Life has lost interest, any potential buyer of the Knowle, one of Sidmouth’s prime and prized sites, is set to drive a hard bargain.

As the Sidmouth Herald headlined last week, the figure for the famously declared   “cost neutral” Council HQ move, has now topped £10,000,000. And not a brick for the Honiton newbuild has yet been laid ……

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and on EDDC website:

*Current Cabinet membership, as listed on EDDC website:
Iain Chubb, Conservative
Paul Diviani, Conservative – Leader of the council
Jill Elson, Conservative
Andrew Moulding, Conservative – Deputy leader of the council
Geoff Pook, Independent
Philip Skinner, Conservative
Ian Thomas, Conservative
Phil Twiss, Conservative
Eileen Wragg, Liberal Democrats
Tom Wright, Conservative