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Sidmouth/ Sidford/ getting younger

There are some surprises in the following statistics, researched by a local resident. They compare the 2001 and 2011 census results for 4 areas of Sidmouth and for Sidford.
In that time the percentage of over 65s has decreased in Sidmouth/Sidford – although it is a smaller percentage of an increased population . So there has been an increase of 445 people overall and only 90 of them are over 65. At the same time the percentages of under 15s and 16-64s have increased.
As the researcher says, “This somewhat contradicts EDDC planners assertion that an ageing population means we need another care home in Sidmouth at The Knowle!”
His summary of the figures is given below:
                                                                                           2001                                                               2011
Population                                                                 7895                                                           8340
% 0-15 yrs old                                                                 12.06                                                              12.74
%16-64 yrs old                                                                48.16                                                              48.62
% over 65                                                                         39.38                                                             38.36
 Useful link to government census site  at .