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Sidmouth Drill Hall latest: TourFish RT Guide now on iBooks

The TourFish Responsible Tourism Guide is now available to download from iBooks.

To find out more and to access the link head to –

It is also available as a pdf from

The TourFish project brought 8 partner organisations together from the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands over 18 months to research and share knowledge on, and devise and deliver projects related to inshore fishing and the small-scale fisheries sector (SSF), agri-food, coastal resilience, and rural economic growth.

Funded by the EU ERDF Interreg IVa ‘2 Seas’ programme, TourFish realised a number of outcomes and outputs which are discussed in detail in the final project report compiled and published by the University of Greenwich –
‘Responsible Tourism: A Guide for Tourism and Sustainability in Small-Scale Fisheries and Agri-Food’.

Part of the TourFish project was the commissioning of a report on the viability of the restoration of Sidmouth Drill Hall which became an ‘Economic Evidence Report’ which can be downloaded here

We will now look to offer these reports to policymakers in Sidmouth and East Devon as contributions to new and ongoing initiatives including the Sidmouth Beach Management Plan and Port Royal Scoping Study, and in particular to the Sidmouth Town Council Neighbourhood Plan.
It is vital that everyone gets behind the Neighbourhood Plan and we hope that the work that we have done to date will contribute to and be an asset to it.

Thank you to all those that came along and joined us at Kennaway House on Wednesday night as part of Sidmouth Climate Week 2016. As discussed then, we will continue our contact and work with a number of partners including the NEF.

We hope you managed to get to taste the locally caught fish provided by Sidmouth Trawlers, part of a growing network of seafood producers and suppliers in coastal towns and villages across Devon.

We very much welcome any feedback on the Responsible Tourism Guide and the Economic Evidence Report, so please do get in touch.

Thank you.

Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC

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Architecture competition for eastern town “part of a mix of ideas” , says Chair of Sidmouth Town Council

At Sidmouth Town Council (STC) tonight, the architecture competition for eastern town was described as “a fantastic opportunity” (Cllr Dawn Manley) , and “a great initiative” (Cllr John Rayson). Chair, Jeff Turner was also supportive, saying he regarded the competition as “part of a mix” of ideas alongside those that would emerge from Sidmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan now being prepared by the Town Council, and from the District’s Local Plan. Cllr David Barratt, too, took an optimistic view. “It’s going to happen, let’s make it positive”, he urged his colleagues, emphasising that “it costs us nothing”, but with the proviso that “it must be open-ended”.
Cllr Ian Barlow found himself a lone voice amongst the councillors. In an untypically rambling speech criticising the competition as “too early”, he was straightaway countered by Cllr Dawn Manley. “It’s never too early”, she said, pointing out that “EDDC say they do want to work with the Town Council and with the public”.
Cllr Kelvin Dent welcomed the “crucial” scoping exercise about to be started by EDDC with STC, but added a note of caution. He asked the Chair, “In view of our contribution (£2,000 from STC, with £8,000 from EDDC), could I request that the Town Council be represented on the scoping exercise committee,” to ensure that we are involved in, for example, the choice of consultants?” The reply was not entirely reassuring. “I understand we still have to finalise the format for the scoping exercise” , Jeff Turner said.
At this point, the town clerk, Chris Holland, was invited to comment. “It is this council who will be leading the scoping exercise “,he vehemently claimed, adding, “I don’t care what’s happened in Exmouth and in Seaton” and “I don’t care what baggage EDDC brings with it. This is Sidmouth, and we will get it right”.
With this somewhat parochial assurance, the discussion was closed.