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Port Royal latest: 3Rs petition delivered to EDDC Full Council this evening



The petition has now been delivered to both Councils jointly conducting the Scoping Study for Port Royal’s future.  Sidmouth Town Council acknowledged receipt of it on 4th September 2017. And this evening, it was delivered to  East Devon District Full Council.

The fact that 1,900 people signed the petition, indicates that strong opinion about the open aspect of the Port Royal site is held by the town’s essential visitors as much as by local residents. Importantly, as Councillor Marianne Rixson said in her speech to her fellow councillors this evening, this petition underpins the responses of the Neighbourhood Plan Port Royal Survey and the public consultation.

The 3Rs campaign was launched at a Public Meeting in August. It is summarised in the slide presentations …see link to them 23 Aug Final Slides at the end of our earlier post, here:


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3Rs website goes live

Public interest in the future of the eastern end of Sidmouth seafront, an area known as Port Royal, has led to the launch of a dedicated website

This community initiative , with the strapline “Revive Port Royal for all”,  is designed to inform, and stimulate discussion. It sends a clear message that it is not about one particular building, but about the whole area , designated as E03 in the Public consultation organised jointly by Sidmouth Town Council and East Devon District Council.