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Energy Costs for relocation…..disclosure of information still refused.

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A Freedom of Information (FOI) request was made just before Christmas on behalf of Save Our Sidmouth.
EDDC has today given a partial response, but avoids answering THE fundamental question: on what basis does the relocation team predict energy savings of £5.55m over 20 years? (referred to below as ‘item e’).

SOS Chair, Richard Thurlow, refutes EDDC’s statement that “This information is commercially confidential due to its inclusion of figures relating to land and property valuation. It is exempt information under s43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act”.

He has swiftly replied, as follows:

‘Thank you for your reply. I note that you are refusing to release information on item e above.

I fail to see how this information is commercially sensitive. You have already given the breakdown of the costs of the existing
Knowle building and a new building, as part of the DL Office Accommodation, “Knowle Energy Use and maintenance cost analysis
Report of June 2013″. The headings in that document under which you have assessed the current costs are;

Planned Maintenance,
Reactive Maintenance
Electricity consumption
Gas consumption
Water consumption
Buildings insurance
Employee costs
Grounds maintenance
Property service costs
Recharge for Council Services
Other costs
Other Running Costs

Mr Cohen, in his email to me of the 8th December 2014, said “Also, please be aware that in addition to electricity and gas costs there
are other elements including Business Rates, Maintenance (planned, reactive, grounds), insurances and other running costs that have
also been taken into consideration”

What on earth is the point of refusing to state how these costs have been increased over a 20 year period? None of this information
is commercially confidential, and should not be so described. Please let me have this information now’

For details of this and other FOI requests made by Richard Thurlow, see

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