Save Our Sidmouth

Paul Diviani’s reply to Chair of Save Our Sidmouth

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Earlier this week, Richard Thurlow sent a message to the Leader of East Devon District Council, calling for a formal apology, and asking him to withdraw false allegations about SOS in a recent e-mail circulated to 100 or so people, including Parish Councils. An SOS press release was also issued (see SAVE OUR SIDMOUTH GROUP REJECTS DIVIANI ALLEGATIONS, posted 14th Oct on our website).

Mr Diviani has just replied, as follows:

Dear Mr Thurlow

Thank you for your email of the 14th and I apologise for not getting back to you sooner but I have had very heavy schedule.

I see you are commenting on a recent E Mail I sent to various people (not including you or any of the other people on this distribution list). I note the points you make including selective use of some of the content of that E Mail.

You are of course quite rightly entitled to view things as you perceive them and equally the same is true of me including comments made in the E Mail to which you refer. From my point of view I think it likely that we will have to agree to disagree on the opinions expressed in your E Mail.

Kind regards


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