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Consultation on Changes to the East Devon Local Plan: draft feedback report


All comments made have now been logged on EDDC’s database and have produced a draft feedback report ahead of the Full Council meeting at Knowle on 23 October 2013. This is the link:

The Planning Policy Manager, Matthew Dickins, has sent out the following message:

‘The draft feedback report summarises each individual comment and other relevant information. We would welcome your views on the accuracy of our records and any amendments that you would see as appropriate. If you have any comments on our recording please return them to me, if possible, by Monday 28th October 2013 as I plan to send the feedback report (amended where appropriate) and copies of all representations to the Inspector at or very soon after this date. If you wish to receive a paper print out of our record of your submission please advise. If you want to suggests changes to our summary of any of your representations please note that our database summary field has a limit of 255 characters (letters, spaces, full stops etc).
The Inspector undertaking the Examination has advised that Hearing Sessions for the Examination are scheduled to start on 11 February 2014. More information can be viewed on the Council web pages at:
If you wish to receive further information on the Local Plan please do not hesitate to contact me.
Direct Line – 01395 -571540’

3 thoughts on “Consultation on Changes to the East Devon Local Plan: draft feedback report

  1. I have looked at the feedback report form and found that what I have said in my letter is not what is written in the summary. I have said that a retail outlet at Sidford would be to the detriment of the town of Sidmouth. The summary says that I am concerned about the retail outlets in Sidford.
    Do you know if I can correct this as what they have written doesn’t make sense?

    • EDDC says in their letter to all people who commented, ” If you have any comments on our recording, please send them to Matt Dickens planning Policy manager before October 28th ” If you want o suggest changes, to our summary, then note that this has a limit f 255 characters”

    • EDDC has advised that the summaries of responses to the Minor Plan Amendments are now on the EDDC web site, (see separate post)..

      Matt Dickens, the Policy Planning Manager says, ” If you have any comments on our recording of the summaries, please return them to me by October 28th….. If you want to suggest changes, to our summaries, then please note that the limit is 255 characters.

      Matt Dickens email address is

      Thank you for the question. Please see ‘Has your representation ..been correctly recorded?’, SOS post on 21st October 2013.

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