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DMC approves draft report on the further consultation to Local Plan

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EDDC’s Development Management Committee (DMC), approved the draft report on the further consultation to the Local Plan today. The only change was that that DMC requested that the Technical Officers examine the responses and indicate those which are relevant to the consultation, (ie refer and comment on the “Changes” to the LP), and those which are not, (ie containing comments which are not solely related to the changes).

However every comment will be sent to the Inspector after approval by the Full Council . It is expected that the responses will be sent to the Inspector by the end of this month.

The Programme Officer, Amanda Polley, now has a web page on which she lists and will continue to list, comments and requests from the Inspector and responses from EDDC. SOS has asked that she notifies them every time that there is an addition to that list so that we do not miss anything.

SOS and their consultant, (Charlie Hopkins), will now start preparing their support data for the Public Examination which starts on February 11th 2014. We do not yet know the issues and the order in which they will be examined, but await the detail on the Programme Officer’s web page

R J Thurlow
Chair, Save our Sidmouth

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