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Overview of responses to Public Consultation on ‘major’ changes affecting the Sid Valley in EDDC’s Local Plan

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There have been numerous representations to the “major” changes to the Local Plan, which are now summarised on the EDDC web site, (

The main changes for the Sidford site were annotated by EDDC as 65 and 67. Change 65 related to the provision of a new Employment site outside the town boundary and Change 67 allowed the use of “Ancillary Retail on the Sidford Employment site. There were 65 Representations to Change 65, ( all against), and 88 representations to Change 67, ( Only Fords of Sidmouth asking for fewer restrictions, (see below). The EDDC summary, and the full Representations will be submitted to the Inspector.

Waitrose, Change 67

Following their original Representation of 11th January have said that they do not consider that ” Retail” should be allowed on any Employment site in Sidmouth, nor should the word” Ancillary” be used as it could lead to the “provision of unjustified retail floor space in an out of centre location”

Fords.. EDDC summary of Representation.. Change 67

Objection that changes are now too restrictive in respect to supporting
and promoting development of important employment site and
amendments should make for more flexibility to bring the site forward and
evidence submitted to show market demand.

Councillor Mike Allen has also commented as summarised by EDDC.. Change 67

Sidford allocation contrary to Sidmouth town’s
strategic plan, retail development will weaken sustainability of the town,
high quality landscape will be damaged

There were 113 Representations to Changes 148/149, (the Knowle), none supportive of building in any Parkland.

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