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EDDC’s plans for cutting carbon emissions

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Following Jeremy Woodward’s pictogram and letter featured in the Sidmouth Herald last Friday (19th July), on the carbon costs of relocation*,  SOS readers may be interested in the (DRAFT) document at the following link. The forewords (on page 3) from the Councillor and the Chief Executive, and from the Carbon Trust , are especially relevant:

Carbon Management Plan 2009 Brown as Environment Portfolio holder

*See information in our 16th July post, Knowle’s future..the sustainable, cost-effective, option.

More on this subject at A matter of (Carbon) Trust (21st  July)

One thought on “EDDC’s plans for cutting carbon emissions

  1. The Environmental Impact Assessment and Transport Plans for the new premises should make interesting reading! Who writes them: EDDC planners. Who do they submit them to – other EDDC planners! Then to the DMC where the majority of councillors are from the east of the district, particularly Honiton!

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