Save Our Sidmouth

Is EDDC relocation plan too risky?


SOS has been told on good authority, that EDDC has spent at least £400.000 to date on its controversial plans to uproot its staff from Knowle, Sidmouth, to  new yet-to-be-built offices at Honiton or perhaps Cranbrook. . The project will be principally funded by the sale of the Knowle buildings, and is intended to be “cost-neutral” .

East Devon taxpayers familiar with what has happened just over the border, in Dorchester, are not convinced.  This poster has details Knowle for sale final


3 thoughts on “Is EDDC relocation plan too risky?

  1. If this happens, it will be another step towards our town becoming the same as any other town – functional but un attractive. It will cease to be a fine regency sea sea resort and result in loss of many tourists and many people choosing as their retirement area plus the many families who come for the same reasons. There will be increased pollution and increased flooding as more and more of Sidmouth is turned to concrete. It will result in the loss of employment through reduced trade in hotels, restaurants, pubs, and estate agency business. This is a short term gain for the council and an infinite loss for the populace of Sidmouth and of the U.K itself. I see this as a gain for Honiton only. Why is this being allowed to happen?!

  2. Let us hope H.M.’s Inspector will ask the same question. Government guidelines clearly state that re-furbishment should be preferred to new-build.

  3. Hear hear! As a family we second the above two comments. We know who is driving this unpopular move, shame it’s still a long time until the next elections.

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