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Councillor Andrew Moulding’s recent comment on carbon management.

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SOS Chair, Richard Thurlow, has today received this reply from Councillor Andrew Moulding, clarifying a comment made by the Councillor at last week’s Cabinet Meeting.It is reproduced here with Mr Thurlow’s permission. 

Cllrs Diviani and Chief Executive officer, Mark Williams, were copied in to the correspondence.


Dear all


I believe I stated that I fully support every effort within the council’s carbon saving strategy. However, in passing I mentioned an article I had read which pointed out that the Icelandic Volcano Eruption had emitted more carbon into the atmosphere in four days than Britain would save in carbon management in one year. In making this comment, at no time did I criticise efforts that are being made to reduce carbon emissions.




Andrew Moulding 

One thought on “Councillor Andrew Moulding’s recent comment on carbon management.

  1. Surely the Icelandic eruption makes the case for even more carbon reduction.

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