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Stuart Hughes removed as Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Councillor Stuart Hughes is understandably furious, after being told that he will no longer be O&S Chair (See Booted Off  front page headline in today’s Sidmouth Herald, 17 th May) ). 

The reason given by East Devon District Council for replacing him, is that he wears ‘two hats ‘, being both a County and and a District Councillor.

Leader Paul Diviani, and Councillor Andrew Moulding, are of course in the same position, so will presumably be  treated similarly. Should the  individual Devon County Council election results for these particular public servants be reflected in any decision on choice of East Devon Committee Chairs?

Stuart Hughes (Sidmouth) 1,923 votes

Andrew Moulding (Axminster) 1,800 votes (fewer than he had previously)

Paul Diviani (Honiton St Paul’s) 1,130 votes

Interested observers will no doubt be monitoring developments at next week’s Full Council Meeting (Weds 22nd May, 6.30pm at Knowle) . Details on our May 14th post

Please note:  SOS readers will remember that Cllrs Hughes and Diviani do not see eye to eye – here is a reminder from the SIN blog:

2 thoughts on “Stuart Hughes removed as Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee

  1. Please Cllr Hughes … have the courage to divorce yourself from the flagging tory ranks and put on your old Independent hat again. You have the support of your constituents …. you do not need the conservatives any more.

  2. Hear, Hear! There must be more Independents in the country at this crucial time.

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