Save Our Sidmouth

Lack of Sidmouth representation on the key EDDC Committees.


Following on from the previous SOS post (Reshuffle , and many changes, planned by EDDC), here are further comments:

There will be no Sidmouth member in the Cabinet ( again ).
Only one Sidmouth member, Peter Sullivan, on the crucial Development Management Committee  ( again ).
No Chair or Portfolio Holder.
No job at all for Stuart Hughes! He appears to be the only member without a job on any Committee.
This follows on from having no-one on the Local Plan Panel.
No wonder Sidmouth lacks a voice at EDDC.
With seven councillors, Sidmouth is surely entitled to have 12% of these jobs.

2 thoughts on “Lack of Sidmouth representation on the key EDDC Committees.

  1. If the seven Sidmouth councillors were to resign the whip and become Independent Conservatives, then the committees would have to become balanced and Sidmouth would likely get a say. Time for Sidmouth councillors to stand up for Sidmouth.

  2. Better still – lets resurrect the Monster Raving Looney Party – a generic term that covers the lot of ’em.

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