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‘Sustainable development’ at Sidford Fields?

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Councillor Stuart Hughes, currently side-lined by EDDC, has vociferously argued against development of a 12 acre business park on a Sidford floodplain in a designated  Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (See SOS post yesterday, and Booted Off , front page headline in Sidmouth Herald 17 May).  An SOS sleuth has also recently established that EDDC has erroneously described the site as  Flood zone 2, in its Local Plan documents. when in fact the Environment Agency rates much of it as Flood zone 3b (entirely unsuitable for building on). EAFloodmapSidford


A proposal for the business park is illustrated here (from the Local Plan Representation Library, no. 1969 (Fords) at )
Oddly, no cars are shown on the diagrams, so we have added a photograph of vehicles navigating alongside the site, in July 2012. More to follow.


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