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Reshuffle, and many changes, planned by EDDC

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The agenda for the next EDDC Full Council Meeting (Wednesday 22nd May) is now available  at

SOS would like to draw your attention to the following:

p.22 Several proposed changes to the Constitution, including limits to the  Overview and Scrutiny Committee (see also p.24)

p.24      The future of Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

                Public Speaking. ( N.B. possible restrictions to public speaking at the Development Management Committee, including a shortened time proposal,  are to be considered by the Standards Committee)

                Recording of meetings.

p. 25 Changes to the term of office of the Leader.  (Will Paul Diviani be relieved of his duties before the 4-year term? )

p. 27.  an anodyne note on the  East Devon Business Forum TAFF :

The Committee agreed to look at the relationship between business and the Council, in

particular at the East Devon Business Forum. The Committee felt that the Forum needed

some revitalising, looking to extending membership and self-financing. A Business Task

and Finish Forum is underway to look at different methods for the Council and business to

communicate and exchange views.

p. 28 Recording of meetings . (No webcasting, as low viewing figures predicted.  Devon County Council does have webcasts, of course.)

pp.44-47.  Membership of Committees

New chair and vice chair of the Development Management Committee

And Tim Wood replaces Stuart Hughes as Chair of Overview and Scrutiny Committee, with Graham Troman as vice-chair

p.60 Stuart Hughes is relegated to the back bench at full council meetings

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