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Knowle relocation debate postponed yet again….probably until early February 2013.

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Due to latest revision of revision of revision of Knowle Plans (see earlier SOS post today),


1. There will consequently be a new two-week consultation period on the revised Economic Impact report. (Dates have not yet been announced)

2. SOS is given to understand that there will now be a special meeting of the Development Management Committee (DMC) next February, uniquely to discuss the Knowle proposals.  (Precise date still to be decided)

One thought on “Knowle relocation debate postponed yet again….probably until early February 2013.

  1. There should also be an Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

    The recent flooding of Market Square has highlighted the inadequacies of the current surface water drainage system in Sidmouth West Town. In my submissions to Hugo Swire on the 21st of December, I pointed out that, as lead local flood authority, Devon County Council have, in my opinion, failed Sidmouth on the following counts:-

    To clear drains and culverts in advance of predicted storms, or indeed on a regular basis.
    To provide a suitable surface water drainage system as required under the Flood Water and Management Act 2010.
    To identify surface water courses and place drains in the correct positions.
    To provide sufficient drains to cope with excess water on roads.
    To monitor and supervise road repairs around drains, so that after the repair the drain is still functioning properly.
    To alleviate unnecessary stress on householders in Sidmouth who are exposed to the threat of flooding every time it rains.

    Under Schedule 3 of the Flood Water and Management Act 2010, any development (“construction work which has drainage implications”), that is likely to add more surface water drainage, “may not be commenced unless a drainage system for the work has been approved”. Given the flooding problems throughout the county, it is likely to take years for the County Council to carry out its “flood risk management works”, in respect of Sidmouth, to a sufficient degree which would allow for any development to be approved. The development of land, north of Cotmaton Road – this includes the Knowle – will add extra pressure on the already inadequate system and should, therefore, fall foul of the 2010 Act.

    Apart from its inherent beauty, the parkland at the Knowle is an area which helps to absorb the natural precipitation, especially that found in a river valley, and so any destruction/ removal of its attributes will undoubtedly produce further flood risk.

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