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Key dates and events

These are the key dates from July 2012. They include SOS meeting dates and other meeting dates of constituent groups where available.

Please attend the EDDC public meetings and if you have any issues that you wish to raise before any other meeting, please contact us before the due date.

A full list of all EDDC meetings is available here.

Upcoming events

Date Event Location Attendance
1 February, midday. End of public consultation on Knowle OPA
5 Feb DMC At Knowle, 2pm Public welcome.  SOS solidarity with Feniton residents
1 March 2013 DMC decides fate of Knowle. At Knowle, 2pm. SPECIAL PUBLIC INTEREST.

Past events

Date Event Location Attendance
6 July EDDC Draft Local Plan Report and Agenda for meeting on 17 July 2012 published EDDC website
11 July SOS Group meets to discuss EDDC proposals Inside out SOS Committee
17 July EDDC Management Development Committee meets to discuss 7 towns EDDC Knowle SOS attendance. Public can speak
25 July Local Plan to full council EDDC Knowle SOS attendance
30 July Local plan for public comment and representations
14 August SVA Conservation and Planning meeting Unitarian Chapel SVA Planning
22 August Community picnic EDDC, Knowle Gardens All friends and residents
24 August EDDC publish Knowle Outline Planning Proposals EDDC All friends and residents
End August EDDC publish Local Plan for public comment (representations)
19 September Final date for objections to EDDC Knowle proposals
27 September Overview and scrutiny committee The Knowle SOS attendance. Public may speak. EDBF on agenda.
Mid October End of representation period for Local Plan (exact date is 6 weeks after EDDC publish proposals)
18 October EDDC re-publish outline Planning Application for the Knowle
End October EDDC publish Local Plan for Public Comment (Representations)
November EDDC publish Business Case for the Knowle
14 November, midday Deadline for objection to Drill Hall plans. NB this is the date given on the official notice displayed on the esplanade. We had previously been told deadline was 12 Nov
16 November, midday Deadline for objections to Knowle plans . But PLEASE NOTE, these Plans have now been revised, for SECOND time, due to errors in Economic Impact Assessment. So this THIRD DEADLINE  for your comments is Monday 17 December. )
20 November DMC review of the Knowle OPA
Tues 11 December, 6.00pm Task and Finish Forum, set up to scrutinise the East Devon Business Forum. This crucial first meeting will set the agenda. Will it scrupulously the follow line of inquiry agreed by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee which created this TAFF? Knowle Public can attend. Media will be present.
Mon 17 December, middayMon 14th Jan 2013 DEADLINE for comments on the latest revised Knowle Planning Application.Latest DEADLINE for objections to Local Plan (Consultation Period for Local Plan (now TWICE REVISED)  runs from 16 November 2012 – 14 January 2013) send to EDDC, by email or postsend to EDDC, online or by post. Details on EDDC and SOS websites.Details on EDDC and SOS websites. See also http//

Mon 7 Jan, 7.30pm SOS Public Meeting. Strategy for 2013. Objections to Local Plan (deadline 14 Jan).Knowle.All welcome.
Tues 8 Jan,2pm
Development Management Committee (Knowle decision NOT on agenda)  Knowle. Public welcome.
Weds 9 Jan, 6.30 pm
 STC Planning Committee discuss Local Plan.  Sidbury Village Hall.  Public can contribute.
Mon 14 JanTues 23 Jan Local Plan Consultation Period ends.Govnt.Planning Inspector’s deliberation Summer 2013 (approx)TAFF on East Devon Business Forum. POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER