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Questions about Alexandria Road

Rumours are circulating about Sidmouth’s in-town industrial estate at Alexandria Road.

Here are some of the questions being asked:

  • Is the site fully used at present?
  • Is a supermarket giant interested in buying it?
  • Who owns the ransom strips (land blocking access to the site from Bulverton Road)?
  • Would access from Bulverton Road be problematic anyway?

Judge for yourself, from the following aerial view, and links given below:


31 Oct ‘Misleading Leader

25 Oct ‘Councillor Diviani ‘speaks frankly

23 Oct ‘What you can do when access to a site is a problem’


21st August post by monstershark, and 2 following thoughts on Alexandria Road Industrial Estate (22nd Oct) by sidmouthsid


Come and find us at Sidbury Fair

The Sidbury Fair started on 9 September.

Sunday was the day of the Fun Run and Scarecrows – some sporting yellow SOS tee-shirts.

Feelings are running high, as this open letter in the Herald has shown. It mentions the controversial connection between the Alexandria Road Industrial site and the proposed large-scale business park at Sidford Fields.


This coming Wednesday, 12 September, is the main day and Save our Sidbury/Sidford/Sidmouth has been asked to mount a stall in the high street.

Come and find us and talk about the EDDC plans.


Alexandria Road Estate

The in- town Industrial Estate at Sidmouth’s Alexandria Road is rumoured to be a possible site for change of use to a large supermarket.

The public are asking these questions:

  • What is there now? What would be the best use for this site?
  • Could the access problems be solved, as some Town Councillors have suggested?
  • Where are the ransom strips, and who owns them?

You can start the discussion on

Alexandria Rd Industrial Estate, Sidmouth

Alexandria Rd Industrial Estate, Sidmouth