Save Our Sidmouth

Come and find us at Sidbury Fair


The Sidbury Fair started on 9 September.

Sunday was the day of the Fun Run and Scarecrows – some sporting yellow SOS tee-shirts.

Feelings are running high, as this open letter in the Herald has shown. It mentions the controversial connection between the Alexandria Road Industrial site and the proposed large-scale business park at Sidford Fields.


This coming Wednesday, 12 September, is the main day and Save our Sidbury/Sidford/Sidmouth has been asked to mount a stall in the high street.

Come and find us and talk about the EDDC plans.

2 thoughts on “Come and find us at Sidbury Fair

  1. Congratulations to the Fun Run winner, who donated his prize of £10 (=£25 with Gift Aid and match funding), presented by Sir John Cave, to the SOS fighting fund. Very widespread approval in the crowd.

  2. SOS at Sidbury (Un)Fair!

    Is Sidbury a village under threat? At the recent annual Fair (12th September), a policeman in full uniform attended the event. And when SOS members had set up their Community Information table, cheerfully attracting interest from the crowd, they were asked to move on (not by the policeman). Their presence was declared ‘too political’ (It’s an a-political Group in fact!), and inappropriate for a local fete. A pity, as local residents I spoke to were not aware of the public consultation deadline ( midday, on 19th September ) concerning plans for the priceless Knowle parkland. Some quoted a local estate agents’ opinion that nearby Sidford house sales had already stalled due to the proposed 5 hectare business park at Sidford Fields, alongside the minor road leading to Sidbury. Strong views were expressed that this idyllic village will shortly be spoilt by deals between a local influential landowner and businessmen.

    More people could find out exactly what’s being planned for the Sid Valley by using this website. Please tell them about

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