Save Our Sidmouth

SOS representation on changes to the Local Plan.


Save Our Sidmouth has today submitted the following comments to EDDC : Comments on Proposed Changes to the Local Plan

DON’T FORGET YOUR OWN! For how and where to send your comments, see

Some priority points which may be helpful, are listed in our earlier post:

2 thoughts on “SOS representation on changes to the Local Plan.

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  2. a. However much easier access could be made to the site if a traffic management scheme was introduced, allowing entry and exit from one direction only, and controlling parking along Pathworlands access road.

    Wow thanks for that – have you seen the traffic that uses this spur road off Alexandria (Pathwhorlands is just the cul-de-sac off this spur). Have you talked to the people who have had juggernauts clipping their walls trying to get round the corner? Have you thought where people will park their cars and the noise caused by vans trying to go as fast as possible in 1st gear, one hand no doubt clutched to a mobile phone??

    b. The site is eminently suitable for all the foreseeable future for the provision of B1 uses.

    The gas works was derelict according to National Grid. The ”major user’ of the estate is trying to claim it has been in continuous use for B1 AND B2 use to avoid putting in a proper planning application. Application for contination of use went in last august, still being considered by eddc. Meanwhile the gas works site is active and noisy, not just used for storage.

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