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Cllr Diviani “a bit miffed” with the electorate?

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Radio Devon’s Simon Bates had this impression, in his interview this morning with Cllrs Cathy Gardner and Paul Diviani, following last night’s Extraordinary Council Meeting to debate relocation (link given below), at which SOS was present.

The motion was lost by 16 votes to 38. The inadequacies of the relocation project process remain.

The motion proposed by Sidmouth Independent Councillors, Cathy Garner and Matt Booth was as follows:

EDDC Extra-ordinary meeting June 3 2015: called by 15 independent Councillors
Motion to be debated:
“This Council resolves to suspend all processes relating to the sale of the Knowle site for six months so that the following matters can be fully addressed:
1. Development of comprehensive plans to show the distribution of services between the two proposed offices and the impact of this on staff, service users and residents;
2. Comprehensive EDDC staff consultation on the specific details and impact of the proposed office relocation to Honiton and Exmouth;
3. Full public consultation (three month process) on the proposed option;
4. Open invitation for and examination of further options for office refurbishment and location, including those which could be cost neutral, by a sub-committee comprising of at least 12 elected members with cross-group proportional representation;
5. Fully costed proposals for the entire relocation process including the new build; refurbished premises; removal; parking; equipment and facilities: To be prepared, reviewed and approved by Full Council ;
6. Detailed consideration by Full Council of the implications and ramifications of the recent FOI cases.”

Cllrs Gardner and Booth made the introductory speeches:
( N.B. Cllr Gardner has since issued a correction, but the thrust and strength of her argument remain the same.).See  Cllr Cathy Gardner.
and Matt Booth speech EDDC Ex Meeting 3rd June 2015

Link to this morning’s Radio Devon interview here: – the relevant debate is between 01:06:03 to 01:14:59

More comment on last night’s meeting, will be posted soon.

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