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SOS comments on EDDC’s update on 5-year Land Supply

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EDDC now say that “It is important to have robust evidence” (on housing numbers and the required 5 year land supply)…
SOS comment: It’s a pity that they did not do their homework before.

EDDC say that “It is the intent of officers to contact developers/land owners of sites with permission and capacity to take ten dwellings or more to gather information about future projected build rates and see if there are factors constraining or holding back development that we can assist in overcoming or addressing”…
SOS: Why Don’t they get ex-councillor Brown involved..we are sure he could help them?

EDDC say that the earliest the Inspector can resume oral hearings is October, but this may be pushed back until later this year, if the ongoing work confirms that their estimate of `15000 new dwellings is shown to be robust…
SOS: More delays then

EDDC say that if the further work shows a need for more housing, then further consultations will mean that there will be no Local Plan in existence for over a year or more….
SOS: What were they doing for the past 6 years?


For EDDC’s latest statement, see Five Year Land Supply Update June 2014 Ver 06

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