Save Our Sidmouth

Reminder: Sidmouth Town Council seeks your views on shaping the town for the future.

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Deadline for submitting your views is the end of this month (June, 2014). SOS welcomes this step forward in working together.
You may find inspiration from the Vision Group for Sidmouth (VgS) website (link given below) As its name suggests, VgS, one of the SOS founder members, has been collating and airing local residents’ ideas for some years, initiating such things as the annual Sidmouth Science Festival and its associated monthly Cafe Scientifique, and the popular Farmers’ Market. It has made many approaches to the Town and District Councils. VgS well-researched documents for the future of the town were offered to EDDC some years ago.

Details of the Town Council survey are here: Improving Sidmouth 2014
and VgS here

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