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Public consultation on 53 changes to EDDC’s Local Plan

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The consultation procedure , and changes, are here:

Through the SOS mailbox, several people have asked for help with responding to this. Unfortunately, we are all in this together!! SOS is of course endeavouring to plough through the lengthy document. It will take some weeks to carefully prepare the SOS response, and then it will be published on this website, and hopefully be a useful guide to others.
Meanwhile, we have been advised that offering templates is not appropriate, as representations should be individual. Please also note that objections must be based on Planning considerations.
Some suggestions will be posted here soon.


One thought on “Public consultation on 53 changes to EDDC’s Local Plan

  1. I, for one, will be very pleased to see your response as I find this very daunting. It seems to me that it will be very easy to give up objecting at this stage as EDDC seem to take no notice of our opinions. I know a lot of people who say that there is no point in writing. Perhaps we need a bit of a ‘stir up’ at this stage!

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