Save Our Sidmouth

Changes at Mutters Moor?


Sid Vale Association, founder members of Save Our Sidmouth, are being iinvited by Clinton Devon Estates (CDE) to comment on plans for Muttersmoor, that may affect the people of Sidmouth.

Clinton Devon Estates are concerned about the proposal by Devon County Council, to have  ‘bridleways open to all traffic’: Muttersmoor bridleways SKMBT_C364e13082715210

For details of CDE’s objections,  go to today’s SIN blog ,

2 thoughts on “Changes at Mutters Moor?

  1. These bridleways are heavily used by walkers – often with children – and by dog walkers. Opening them to “all traffic” presumably means motor bikes and perhaps quad bikes and other mechanised vehicles. This would present great danger and totally destroy the rural ambience of the area. The claim should be resisted with great vigour.

  2. Did this hapoen then or not? Is it safe to walk up there still?

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