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Vacancy for Sidmouth Town Council


Two candidates have registered for the by-election ( Sidmouth South Ward) following the resignation of Councillor Maggie Baldwin. They are Kelvin Dent, standing as an Independent, and Nicholas Diprose.

The poll will take place on Thursday 11th July, at All Saints’ Church Hall, All Saints Road, from 7am to 10pm.  Details at the Sidmouth Town Council website :

4 thoughts on “Vacancy for Sidmouth Town Council

  1. Could we ask each candidate to provide a short paragraph here on what they stand for?

  2. I am amazed that they have left it until the last minute to give any information on what they stand for. Does not seem very proffessional.

    • Fair comment, but I’m very pleased to say that a team of volunteers have nearly completed the job of delivering a copy of my leaflet to everyone who is on the electoral register for Sidmouth South ward where the vacancy is. As you will appreciate, if information is delivered too far in advance of polling day (11th July) it can end up in the recycling bin prematurely. Very pleased that people are taking an interest in this by-election.
      Kelvin Dent (Independent Candidate)

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