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Planning Inspectorate guidance on local plans

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The following message from David Walsh of  www.,  may interest SOS supporters:
Dear all,
The link to this is
————————- this is an extract:


Following on from the Royal Assent of the Localism Act and the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework we are currently updating our guidance.

General Advisory Guidance (August 2009) has been created for Local Authorities submitting Development Plan Documents (DPDs) to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.

The Examining Development Plan Documents: Procedure Guidance Revised August 2009 deals with the procedural aspects of dealing with the examination of development plan documents (DPDs) after submission and is aimed at all those involved in the process of examining a DPD. In addition to the guide, a further table has been produced which shows the estimated timescale for examinations where an Inspector decides that no pre-hearing meeting is required.

The Examining Development Plan Documents: Learning from Experience document  (PDF version) highlights our experience up to August 2009.

The Examining Development Plan Documents:Soundness Guidance document has been withdrawn following publication of the National Planning Policy Framework.


As you can see, all the guidance ends at August 2009, and does not take into account the NPPF, The Localism Act, or the Growth and Infrastructure Act.

I would say it is an interesting LEGAL question as to how the Planning Inspectorate can judge Local Plans against guidance that has not yet been published!!

You may want your local planning authority to mention this when submitting your Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate for consideration.

Best regards,

David Walsh

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