Save Our Sidmouth

SOS news update

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As ever, there is much going on behind the scenes, and this website will be informing you of developments, on behalf of the SOS Committee:  

Richard Thurlow, (Sid Vale Association),Chair; Steven Kendall-Torry; (Chamber of Commerce); Richard Eley, (CoC); Barry Curwen, (CoC), Robert Crick, (Futures Forum); Jeremy Woodward, (FF); James Sharp, (Sidmouth Hospitality Association) , Kelvin Dent, (Knowle Residents’Association), Matt Booth, (Drill Hall), Marianne Rixson, (Sidford Womens’ Institute), Sylvia Brownlee (Secretary)  and Jackie Green (Publicity).

The Committee  meets at irregular but frequent intervals to discuss issues affecting the Sid Vale.

Click here for today’s   save-our-sidmouth-news-update.29 May 2013 docx

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