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STC objects to new notice board in Old Fore Street.


Sidmouth Town Council has recommended refusal for retrospective planning permission for the new noticeboard on the Pure Indulgence wall, in Old Fore Street. Grounds for refusal are that it is a hazard for delivery lorries, and that it is too untidy.

Intended for  local news and events,  SOS has found  this town centre noticeboard very useful. Though unprotected, notices have been treated with respect, and the board is constantly full, and easy to access.

The deadline for comments to EDDC  (online or in writing) is midday this Friday, 10th May. Please quote reference 13/0770/ FUL/ 

3 thoughts on “STC objects to new notice board in Old Fore Street.

  1. It is dangerous for pedestrians who stop to read the notices whilst standing in a road used by delivery lorries, vans and other cars that use Old Fore Street as a rat-run. A rather silly place to put it and I agree with STC.

  2. Purple Rinse has evidently not noticed that Old Fore Street is a pedestrianised area, often busy with people walking in the middle of the road, stopping to peer into shop windows, etc. Silly of them, perhaps?

  3. I believe it is a case of ‘semi-pedestrianised’ which allows vehicles with access and for loading and unloading together with those looking to park outside the NT shop to proceed down Old Fore Street. There is certainly conflict when people peer into shop windows as you have quite rightly observed …… that is an existing problem that should have been addressed when the current use of Old Fore Street was decided by traffic orders. It is certainly silly to place a large notice board in a location that would add to that conflict. It could easily be moved to the opposite side of the road on the building used by Wendy’s House ……….. a prominent position and relatively traffic free. Common sense really ………………

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