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National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) news

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Whosehomeisit keeps a close eye on the NPPF. SOS has just received this update from them:

There are links to two reviews of the first year of the NPPF on the documents tab for whosehomeisit.
Appeal decisions are now up to the close of 12th April 2013. Normally, only appeals for over 40 houses are listed, and some of those may be missed, given the numbers (40-80 planning appeals per day).
I have listed one for only 28 houses, because there is a worrying phrase in it. That is the following:

Essington South Staffs allowed 11/4/2013

The local plan is planned for adoption in late 2015 or early 2016.The development conflicts with the core strategy, but is too small for prematurity to apply. The inspector agrees that a robust supply of 6.4 years is available, and meets P47 of the NPPF. He then says “The presumption in favour of development is not dependent on the lack of a robust 5 year supply”. Is this a step by the inspectors to negate a five year supply as a defence?

Best regards,

David Walsh

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