Save Our Sidmouth

REMINDER: Whatever the weather, take time to mourn the sad loss of East Devon’s most precious asset…. Join the Saturday morning Mass March at Feniton this weekend (23/03)

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This latest Telegraph ‘sting’ shows what the Feniton march is all about: 

 Organisers East Devon Alliance urgently invite you to the ‘Black Day for the Countryside’ protest, THIS SATURDAY MORNING !     feniton-march-poster 23.03.13 

Marchers will be wearing black mourning clothes and carrying black balloons and ribbons. Some will have Brown Envelopes and other banners. Timeline for EDA march in Feniton

EDA is calling for the postponement of the  deadline for the National Planning Policy Framework  (NPPF.. next Wednesday 27 March) , until Local Authorities have their 5-year Land Supply Plan in place.

Nick Boles has close links with East Devon ( and particularly with Talaton village, just two miles or so  from Feniton). This recent report from another national newspaper has details:

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