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Express and Echo report on East Devon Alliance

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There is an excellent report in the Express and Echo “Exmouth and East Devon” section today (page 56) of the East Devon Alliance meeting on Saturday 16th February. 

Towards the end of the article, Cll Paul Diviani, Leader of EDDC, is quoted as saying: “We are open to constructive well-informed discussion and debate on things that are important to local people.”

Cllr Diviani may like to note what provoked the idea, now realised, of an East Devon Alliance . See SOS: two posts on 6th February A full and comprehensive debate sadly lacking ..and Yesterday’s DMC Meeting at Knowle: in breach of EDDCConstitution? See also, SIN blog: 5th Feb The meeting today..,7th Feb Warm Congratulations and 8th Feb, No warm congratulations

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