Save Our Sidmouth

The newly-formed East Devon Alliance…

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…..had a very businesslike start at its inaugural meeting on Saturday(16 Feb, 2013), convened by Mike Temple and Kelvin Dent of the Knowle Residents’ Association. Many Save our Sidmouth supporters participated, to show their individual support for this independent initiative.

The Dissenters’ Room in Sidmouth, was packed with representatives from all over the District, and the discussion groups were seriously focused.  Feedback reports gave many practical recommendations and actions to be followed.

One recommendation was to widely promote  the  website, which makes public all Freedom of Information requests to bodies such as EDDC.  It also records answers , or the lack of them, to such requests. The information can be shared with others.

More on the topics discussed, in A Warm Welcome to the East Devon Alliance, posted  today at

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