Save Our Sidmouth

“Welcome to the East Devon Alliance”

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This is how organisers Ed Harrison and Mike Temple greeted the large gathering at today’s inaugural meeting in Sidmouth.

The major towns in East Devon were all represented, along with villages such as Feniton. Several committed councillors were among the participants.

Welcome to the East Devon Alliance. This meeting has been convened to consider how best we might address our common concerns; we ask you to avoid simply fighting your own corner but to consider ways in which we might work together and achieve positive action

We ARE in favour of development – to provide necessary housing and employment, – but it must be development which is sensitive to the character of its environment and of appropriate scale. We are, however, against development on greenfield sites, on parks and AONBs and flood plains and against massive developments which swamp and destroy the natural and historic character of a place and against developments of dubious economic viability.

We believe that the planning ethos and process of the EDDC is at the very least flawed and, together with the new national planning framework, is against the public interest. We are here to consider ways through which we can help change and reform all this.”

More information to follow…..


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