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Why Mass March?

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A quick summary:
Protesters from all over East Devon will join forces this Saturday, 3rd November,  for a Mass March to EDDC HQ at the Knowle. Meet 11am at eastern end of Sidmouth seafront.
The reputation of EDDC is being brought into disrepute by its planning decisions. Evidence reveals that Council strategy is based on overdevelopment, harmful to the local economy and to the landscape.
Much loved landmarks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are consequently being lost for future generations.
Things will get worse if EDDC’s Plan for the next 15 years is allowed to go ahead. It is seen as a landowner and developers’ charter, and a complete travesty of democracy, as reasoned objections against it are totally ignored. Widespread opposition comes from East Devon’s major towns and small villages; from Chambers of Commerce and Hoteliers; from community groups and environmentalists; and from individuals whose lives and livelihoods are affected.
Representatives, of all these private and public voices, will be gathered together for Saturday’s Mass March.
Meanwhile, SOS is preparing a legal case against EDDC,  and a possible ‘call in’ of Knowle plans, by the Secretary Of State, is envisaged.
Constant news and updates will be posted on this website. For comments, go to SIN blog at http//

One thought on “Why Mass March?

  1. I will be there along with my daughters! Come on Sidmouth, let’s spare some time on Saturday to join the march!

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