Save Our Sidmouth

Mass March info, including route and schedule

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March on Saturday 3rd November

Details and Actions:

  1. Route in detail
    1. Start at Sailing Club/Lifeboat Station/Turning circle at 11.00am. Walk along Footway. Tom Griffith to have Toast rack facing westward along Esplanade outside Sailing Club at 10.45am
    2. Walk  along Esplanade footway to Roundabout at Esplanade/Station road junction.   Cross road to walk on footpath on LHS past Tom’s car park past Croquet Club to Manor Pavillion.
    3. Cross Manor Road , keeping to LHS of carriageway, (3 abreast), to All Saint’s Road junction  with Station Road
    4. Turn  left into Knowle Drive, then right into Knowle Parkland.
    5. Tom’s  Toast rack to continue up Station Road to EDDC entrance and park in Visitor’s car park at Council offices.
  2. Risks.
    1. Blockage of Road at Port Royal… Will be in run up  to march at 11.00, then for 5 mins during speeches. Use Lifeboat signs to temporarily close road at Lifeboat station?
    2. Large numbers of public attending, with numbers spilling over into carriageway  during march. Use marshals in yellow, to tell crowd to keep on footpath.  Tell public, at start to keep to footpaths, no more than 3 abreast.
  3. Timings.
    1. About an hour for the March.
  4. Marshals
    1. Ed Harrison in charge.
    2. Marshals to be in yellow SOS tee shirts
    3. Ed  uses loudhailer to instruct  marchers and marshals.
  5. The  Start
    1. Kelvin’s band to be at Sailing club from 1030.
    2. Singers to alternate with band, until 11.00 then go with march
    3. Speakers  use Loudhailer from Sailing Club balcony
    4. Richard T to give short welcome, why we are here and safety instructions.
    5. Robert C, to give short  inspiring anti- EDDC speech
    6. After Robert’s speech he asks them to follow Toast Rack to the Knowle
    7. 2  Marshals to walk just behind on LHS of Toastrack on the footway.   (Toastrack will be on carriageway)
    8. Protesters in Wheelchairs to be behind them.
    9. Public to follow
    10. Marshals  to be on kerb side of march, along pedestrian column to guide people, and try to ensure that they are 3 abreast
    11. One Marshal to be stationed at Station Road turn off, to prevent people going further along Esplanade.
    12. Signs.    We have about 70 signs, Sidmouth, Sidbury, Sidvale.  These will be available from 10.30 a.m. on footway outside sailing club
    13.  Marshalls  to distribute signs to public as they line up for march to ensure even distribution along column.
  6. Finish
    1. The  Knowle, in front of the older building
    2. White line to be marked to show developed front of building, (MT)
    3. Trees  to be demolished to be ribbonned, (MT)
    4. Michael Temple  gives short speech,
    5. Ed H sums up and disperses crowd
    6. All signs gathered up and stacked (kept by KD and AW)
  7. Press  and Publicity
    1. All  local press and media have been advised (JG)

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