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A sparrowhawk at the Knowle

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A sparrowhawk at the Knowle

A young Sparrowhawk in the Knowle area this week.

Will he and other important birds, bats and badgers lose a major green corridor from the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty around Sidmouth right into the heart of town?

Will EDDC give themselves planning permission to develop 30% of the Knowle parkland and 60% of the formal gardens, felling numerous mature trees and destroying mosaics of important habitats such as dense shrub thickets and open grasslands?

One thought on “A sparrowhawk at the Knowle

  1. Having seen this picture I now know what it was that we nearly ran over near Bulverton in August. We stopped as he/she was on the road and not inclined to move, there was no kill with it. We got a really good look at it before it flew away so I am certain it was this species and not a kestrel as we had thought.
    Therefore, either this one has its home in the area or there are at least two sparrowhawks about.

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