Save Our Sidmouth

Expressions of support enclosed with donations to the Save Our Sidmouth fighting fund

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Previously sent

  • “We were delighted to receive your leaflet … We had been wondering how we should express our horror at the EDDC plans.” (Cullompton)
  • “Good luck … it is vital that you succeed. Best wishes.” (Maidenhead)
  • “Words cannot adequately explain the pent up anger and violation we feel of God’s Natural world. We will do anything in our power to support (you) in this matter.” (Sidmouth)
  • “Any future construction extending beyond the footprint of the present building would in my view be an act of civic vandalism.” (Branscombe)

From Sidmouth/Sidford

  • ‘Thanks for doing a great job’
  • ‘Many thanks to all those associated with the Save our Sidmouth campaign for the work that you are doing’
  • ‘Well done for all your efforts. We must stop it – Sidford traffic is a nightmare now’
  • ‘I wish you every success in your campaign … my fervent hope is that all your efforts will bring the desired result’
  • ‘Good luck with the campaign against EDDC’
  • ‘I wholeheartedly support the stand SOS is taking on behalf of the town. Many thanks for everything you are doing’
  • ‘Wishing you all success in your efforts’
  • ‘I was so pleased to read in the Sidmouth Herald that SOS are hoping to employ a specialist planning consultant to campaign against EDDC’s proposals for Knowle and the development of land between Sidford and Sidbury … it has always been my fear that one day attempts would be made to join Sidford to Sidbury … I am afraid that Sidmouth and its surrounds will lose its special charms … I wish SOS every success’
  • ‘Thank you for all your efforts’
  • ‘we had been visiting for many years, and had grown to love it. We are horrified at the proposed desecration of beautiful spaces and very much hope that you succeed’
  • ‘I enclose a cheque … to fight the intended desecration of the Sid Valley’
  • ‘We are with you all the way’
  • ‘Having lived in Sidmouth practically all of my life, I feel this would be a tragedy for the Sid Valley’
  • ‘We should like to take this opportunity of thanking you and your colleagues for the massive efforts you are making on behalf of all of us here in Sidmouth who regard this proposal as outrageous and nothing short of environmental vandalism’

Further afield

  • ‘I am certainly one of those who are outraged at the EDDC plans for future developments in the Sid Valley …Why oh why do councils and other large organisations put plans out for consultation and then totally ignore the people who have been consulted? Travelling around the country, we feel that Sidmouth is unique and what is so wrong in keeping it that way? In the last 20 years or so there have been a lot of new houses built in the area and I think to do much more development, industrial or otherwise, would risk destroying a wonderful town and surrounding villages. All good wishes with your campaign’ (Smethwick)

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