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Donating to the Save Our Sidmouth Appeal


Donations are coming in by every post to the Save Our Sidmouth appeal. The Sid Vale Association is matching all money donated and where donors are choosing to Gift Aid SVA are matching that, too.

Every £10, with SVA match funding becomes £20; if the donation is Gift Aided, a £100 donation is worth £250!

Please consider making a donation now!

We are fighting the EDDC plans to build an industrial estate on 12 acres of farmland north of Sidford, to build houses on the wonderful grounds of Knowle, and demolish the Drill Hall to create a temporary car park. We have engaged a planning consultant, and the money for this is rolling in.

To date £9,500 has been donated to the campaign. With the SVA matching these donations this brings the fund total to £19,000.

If we don’t fight this now, we might as well say goodbye to the green fields. Developers already own many acres of the land around Sidmouth, and if the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is not defended by EDDC, more and more farmland will be built on; the green wedge between Sidford and Sidbury is in danger of disappearing. We are adamant that the Knowle gardens and the Drill Hall belong to the people of Sidmouth, and are not free to be sold off.

Alan Darrant, Chair, Sid Vale Association 19/09/2012

4 thoughts on “Donating to the Save Our Sidmouth Appeal

  1. The display of the East Devon District Council (EDDC) planning application and what it means for Sidmouth went down to Market Square, Sidmouth 8-9 times in the last fortnight, thanks largely to the dogged determination and persistence of Mike Temple with a lot of help from Peter Atkinson and the assistance of many others. Though the display boards originally raised our profile and made people aware of exactly what EDDC were proposing for Knowle, by the end of the period, the tem recognised that we didn’t need the display boards. They simply got in the way of people queuing to sign up and also limited the number of tables they could put out for the purpose of signatures. Altogether they collected 1215 signed letters of objection and raised the number of signatures on the petition to Eric Pickles (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) asking him to call in the Outline Planning Application and have it considered by an independent assessor rather than EDDC being both the applicant and the planning authority.

    Tomorrow is the last day for you to email or hand-deliver your letter of objection. However, the petition to Eric Pickles will continue for a while yet. So if you haven’t signed up on paper or online, go to:

    and do so now. And tell your friends to do the same. We are up to 4345 signatures so far (paper + online), but we could easily make that 5000 signatures by the end of September, just as long as everyone acts straightaway. Please sign up and spread the news.

    • Yes, Robin, people were literally queueing up in the market square to sign the objection letters. Well done to Mike Temple and team.
      On Tuesday (18 Sept) he wrote, ” I handed letters in in various batches, 671 today, which were first miscounted as 421! but I’d numbered them all and “demanded a recount”. We did a photoshoot at Knowle yesterday with letters forming an SOS on the edge of the green lawn in Zone C.

  2. Re my previous comment, Sep 19:
    Just to make it clear that two different letters were being eagerly signed at the SOS tables in the market square..
    One was to the Secretary of State (see Robin Fuller’s comment Sept 18, above, and news and photos from Kelvin Dent on this website).
    The second, ‘handed in in various batches’ was to EDDC Case Officer, Ed Freeman, in response to the public consultation on proposed plans for Knowle. (Respondents’ comments, overwhelmingly against, can be viewed on EDDC website).

  3. Check out Private Eye, Issue 1322 Nooks and Corners. Sidmouth getting a mention…….

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