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Community Picnic – 22 August

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On Wednesday 22 August there is to be a Community Picnic in the grounds of the EDDC, Knowle gardens, between 4.30 and 7.30p.m.
Please try to attend this gathering, and tell all your friends too! We are gathering in a loving and positive way to help the trees there, which are currently threatened with being killed in order to make space for new houses. 
This is a great chance to demonstrate what a wonderful public space the Knowle really is.
The Council has applied for permission this week so your support is becoming critical. By coming to see the trees and joining together in loving Community around them, we can hopefully help to preserve them.
This is NOT an angry protest meeting, but an effort to create something positive around the situation.
Hoping to see you there.

One thought on “Community Picnic – 22 August

  1. All the best: hope lots and lots of people turn up to show the groundswell of feeling. Sounds like it’s a very important cause.

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