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EDDC presentation – 14 July

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On Saturday the 14 July EDDC  made the second of their presentations about the Knowle. In wet weather they, including Cllr Diviani, the leader, sought to convince the public that the move would be worthwhile. This was accompanied by a questionnaire which was heavily loaded in favour of the move, with several one-sided questions.

We attended, advertising the EDDC meeting on Tuesday 17 at 10.00am, when the Local Plan will be discussed by the Development Management Committee, and provided an alternative questionnaire, which received 160 responses. Kelvin Dent has been analysing this over the weekend and the results will be presented to EDDC and the Councillors in the next few days.

The main comment from Diviani was that “All the same old people attended.. it would be nice to see some new faces.” As a reasoned response from an elected member supposed to be representing us, this was somewhat of an insult.

Apart from the meeting tomorrow, EDDC are once again presenting their view of the Knowle and next Wednesday the 25th, the full EDDC council will review the Local Plan.

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