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More on Planning Inquiry ,Thursday 30th November 2017: Design and Heritage.


Thank you to the contributor  who kindly sent in this personal view (copied below) of yesterday morning’s proceedings. It expands our blogpost earlier today

Prof Robert Tavernor (design) claimed that:-
1. the plans draw on the town’s Regency architecture and local building materials
2.the design breaks up the existing single block with variously aligned buildings with glimpses through
3. buildings A and F enhance Knowle Drive by fronting the road rather than the back views of the existing buildings
4. the position of E is only 9.5 metres further forward than existing
5. building D is only 1.5 metres higher than the existing building but appears bigger as it is further forward
6. the photomontages presented were not produced to a recognised methodology and should not be relied on
On cross examination he:
7. disputed the dell buildings as being 5 storeys as they were affected by the topography
8. cited other buildings in Sidmouth such as St John’s School, Powys and flats in Knowle Drive itself as being several storeys high
9. seemed to agree that no quantum study of the 9,700 sq metre plan had been undertaken (later Mr Shillito stated the architects had undertaken this)
10. agreed that D would overlook the approach from the park with its large windows and roof terrace

Mr Simon Roper-Pressdee (heritage)
The majority of the time was in looking at maps, pictures and a photograph to ascertain the dates of the buildings, the terraces and the summerhouse.
He considered the new buildings would enhance the setting of the summerhouse.

The Inquiry continues today, at 9.30 a.m. The time and route of the Inspector’s site visits will be announced during the day.  We understand that any interested parties can participate.

2 thoughts on “More on Planning Inquiry ,Thursday 30th November 2017: Design and Heritage.

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  2. Well done, Ed Dolphin and the rest for some well presented and thoughtful submissions to the Inquiry. Unfortunately, PegasusLife have brought in a strong team of experts to support the appeal. The flow of traffic in and out of the site was touched upon, but even that has been countered by the “less traffic at peak times” comment. I personally think that the amount of traffic over a 7-day period to service the 113 dwellings will actually be greater than what is currently being experienced; and I would suggest that there needs to be a major alteration to the shape and size of that section of Station Road running beside the Knowle before any development goes ahead.
    One of the things I’m concerned about is the pressure this development will have on other infrastructure. But, thanks to the incompetence of the EDDC, this will not be a subject for the Inquiry. The effect of an additional 113 toilets flushing waste into an already beleaguered sewage system will be enormous. There is past evidence that human effluent has appeared in the surface water gullies within the vicinity of Cotmaton Road – a definite public health concern; and how will these gullies cope with the extra surface water that a development on this scale will produce? A couple of thunderstorms in quick succession, or prolonged periods of rain, will cause the inadequate gullies to overflow; and the inevitable flooding will undoubtedly threaten residences below the Cotmaton Road line and eventually businesses in the centre of town.

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