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DMC matters

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Further to our previous post, the following points may be of interest, though not necessarily relevant.

The Development Management Committee (DMC) which made the refusal, appears to have problems of its own:

1. The two Conservative councillors who voted along with their Independent colleagues to reject the planning application, have been removed from the DMC in a reshuffle.

2. EDDC Vice Chair, Helen Parr, who sits on the DMC, stood in for DMC Vice-Chair Mike Howe for the morning session (06/12/2016). She has since reportedly been under police investigation regarding another matter, making headlines in the Express& Echo (see ‘Probe into Tory’s planning interest’, below),  and major stories in both ‘Pullman’s View from’ and the Western Morning News.

3. The audio recording for 06/12/2017 is not available on the EDDC website due to ‘technical difficulties’.

Regarding point 3, above, the public are of course permitted to record and video council meetings. Some key speeches to this DMC were reproduced verbatim on the SOS website, as here:

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