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Perspectives of Knowle, before and after Pegasus Life proposals.

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TOMORROW morning, (Tuesday 6 Dec) is when the EDDC must approve or disapprove the PegasusLife planning application IN ITS ENTIRETY. The decision, possibly with recommendations, will then go to EDDC Cabinet before Christmas, for confirmation.

The public can attend tomorrow’s meeting, which begins at 10.30 a.m. in the Council Chamber (pictured below).

Some relevant visual information, already recorded on the futuresforumvgsblogspot this week, is as follows:

Based on PegasusLife’s own perspectives, and the one which appeared in the Sidmouth Herald (2nd December) , the following views show what the setting of the listed summerhouse would apparently be like, were the developers’ plans  allowed to go ahead.


Below, Valentine’s card of Knowle , dated 1904, showing listed summerhouse, whose setting is subject to planning laws.

the-knowle-valentine-43274-taken-1904 the-knowle-valentine-43274-taken-1904-detail

Footnote from SOS:

Knowle Council Chamber

Knowle Council Chamber as it is now, used as a public amenity. The building has considerable local distinctiveness.


The combined EDDC purpose built offices presently on the site are believed to have an Display Energy Certificate rating of  ‘C’.

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