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Claims that developers’ report on Knowle is ‘one-sided’.


The local press have picked up the story, from this press release:

Local author and photographer, Peter Nasmyth, has hit back at accusations that his west-view photomontage of the proposed PegasusLife Knowle development was inaccurate and ‘cannot reasonably be afforded any weight in consideration’ by the Development Management Committee (6th December).

He claims that PegasusLife’s Townscape and Visual Impact Statement (TVIS) is heavily ‘one sided,’ omitting any of Sidmouth’s west views of the development beyond Knowle Drive itself (P1 in the TVIS) – which is why he set out to supply one.
He questions why PegasusLife’s 16th November TVIS Addendum on the EDDC Planning Documents page (which makes the above accusation) did not offer any alternative to his photomontage nor supply any western view comparable to the one from the east (P5 in the TVIS, from Salcombe Hill).
He strongly refutes the claim that his photo is ‘not a viewpoint that is representative of the public visual experience,’ saying the new development will in fact be widely visible from western Sidmouth, from numerous homes, public places and the golf course. He challenges PegasusLife to prove their assertion.
He says he had the building heights and approximate massing in his photomontage checked by a local architect, then simply cut and pasted the drawings supplied in August’s 16/0872/MFUL proposal, because nothing else was available.
He suggests that until PegasusLife provide a Townscape and Visual Impact Statement covering all the views and perspectives on this large development, (2.1 times the size recommended in the Local Plan), the DMC should not be asked to make a fair and accurate assessment of the proposal’s worthiness for Sidmouth.

Pegasus West Plateau (1280x1016)

Above is Peter Nasmyth’s photomontage and to date, only west-side view of the development yet offered to the public.

2 thoughts on “Claims that developers’ report on Knowle is ‘one-sided’.

  1. I should also point out that visibility of the development across the valley as shown in this photo-montage also means great views across the valley from the apartments on the higher floors, presumably which will thus sell for a premium price giving even greater profits to Pegasus Life.

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