Save Our Sidmouth

More considerations that STC may address at today’s planning meeting (6.30pm, St Peter’s Church Hall, Sidford)

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Further visual images to give an indication of the possible effect on the landscape of Fords’ planning application ref 16/0669/MOUT, for Land adjacent to Two Bridges Road, Sidford (shown on right , in photo below, and in earlier SOS post today ).

Previous building overlooking the site, e.g. the bungalows in Sid Vale Close, seem to have been planned as single storey to minimise impact on the landscape. In contrast, the buildings in Fords’ planning application document  are shown as two-storey, with a pitched roof, and appear very close to the road. No heavy goods vehicles are shown.
An indication of how the development could affect what are now open views, has been sent in to SOS by a local resident (approximation only):

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