Save Our Sidmouth

As schedule for relocation slips, Cabinet asked “Is this project still ‘cost neutral’? “

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The three month delay in starting work on the proposed new offices in Honiton, announced by Head of Relocation, Richard Cohen, adds to concerns about the financial uncertainties of the project.

These were the QUESTIONS TO CABINET 6TH APRIL 2016, by Jeremy Woodward, They confirm that the move from Knowle could prove a burden for the whole District. It is not just a matter for Sidmouth.

‘Referring to the latest Relocation Report, I would be grateful if Members could consider the following questions:

At the meeting of the full Council on 25th March last year, specific figures were given:

Is it still anticipated that the full cost for relocation will be £10m?

Do the conditions for the 20-year loan repayment still stand?

Will the refurbishment needed at Exmouth Town Hall cost the council around £1m and around £7m to build the offices at Honiton?

Has the Council undersold the Knowle site?

In other words:

Is this project still ‘cost neutral’?

Is this value for money as far as the taxpayers of East Devon are concerned?


Why haven’t we come out of this deal much better off rather than desperately trying to finance a vanity project?’

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