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‘Sidford Fields’ no longer….employment land allocation remains in Local Plan.

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Please note that the adoption of the Local Plan will be considered at Full Council, on Thursday 28th January 2016. Public can attend.
Items b), h) and i) (highlighted, for your information) are of special interest to SOS, in this copy of Matthew Dickins’ letter sent out today:

‘Dear Sir or Madam

East Devon Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule – Receipt of the Inspector’s Reports

I am pleased to advise of the receipt of the Inspectors reports into Examination of both the new East Devon Local Plan and the East Devon Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule. These reports may be viewed at the Council Offices in Sidmouth, at East Devon libraries and online at
or follow hyperlink to Local Plan adoption – East Devon.

The Inspector concludes that the Local Plan is sound subject to ‘main modifications’, details of which can be viewed with copies of the report. Key matters highlighted in the Inspector’s report, that relates to the plan as submitted for examination and includes main modifications, include that:
a) the plan should cover the 2013 to 2031 period;
b) it is appropriate for the plan to provide for 17,100 new homes over this time period – this equates to 950 per year;
c) the strategy for distribution of development, with a focus on the West End, is appropriate;
d) the Council can show a five year housing land supply;
e) the plan makes appropriate provision for affordable housing;
f) the plan makes appropriate provision for jobs growth (noting links between job growth and housing provision);
g) the plan provides for protection of the natural environment and highlights that habitat mitigation is critical in respect of accommodating housing growth;
h) the Sidford employment land allocation should remain in the plan;
i) residential development at the Council offices site (at the Knowle) is appropriate as is the allocation boundary;
j) the plan should provide for gypsies and travellers at Cranbrook;
k) Chardstock and Dunkeswell should not feature in Strategy 27 of the plan; they should not be identified as villages to have a Built-up Area Boundary;
l) Land should not be safeguarded for a rail head at the Intermodal Interchange site.

On the Community Infrastructure Levy the Inspector approved the Draft Charging Schedule subject to the following modifications:
a) the retail CIL rate for Cranbrook should be reduced to £0 per square metre
b) the Cranbrook expansion areas charging zone map should be modified to include the New Community Partner’s proposed southern expansion area

Adoption of the Local Plan is due to be considered at a meeting of the Full Council on 28th January 2016. A separate report considering adoption of the CIL Charging Schedule will be considered in due course.

If you have any queries on the new Local Plan or the Community Infrastructure Levy please call the Planning Policy team on 01395 571533 or email If you no longer wish to receive communications from us or your details have changed pleases do advise us and we will update our database.

Yours faithfully

Matthew Dickins
Planning Policy Manager
East Devon District Council’

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